SSL TriniTy Solution 

SSL brings you TriniTy, a unique solution that combines the strengths of Duality Fuse's SuperAnalogue console and DAW controller, with the adaptability of System T for Music, all skillfully integrated into custom furniture. TriniTy offers an exceptional tool for tracking, mixing, and immersive audio production, providing demanding operators and facilities with an outstanding solution.

Tracking, mixing, and immersive audio production

TriniTy is a highly customisable solution, allowing you to tailor it to various physical footprints and channel capacities. As an initial example, it can feature a Duality Fuse providing 24 analogue channel strips and a comprehensive centre section. Enhanced with System T processing, fader and master tiles, and intuitive touchscreen-based control software, TriniTy delivers a versatile package. It provides multi-format immersive mix busses, a comprehensive 9.1.6 monitor section, an integrated effects rack and the convenience of recallable patch control for your entire studio setup. All of this alongside the analogue familiarity, immediacy and zero latency foldback monitoring many music studios, producers, engineers, and musicians require.

The ultimate in analogue and digital 

Duality Fuse mic inputs provides the front-end, while Dante conversion across the Duality is expertly managed by System T's integrated Dante routing. This setup offers seamless flexibility, allowing you to switch between stereo tracking sessions and fully-fledged Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 mixing sessions with the simple loading of a file. Monitoring control can be adjusted between Duality and System T for each session as needed. 

The TriniTy solution workflows and signal paths can be fine-tuned to suit various production requirements. In a typical Atmos mixing configuration, Duality channels serve as object processing, with channel outputs routed directly to the renderer. Duality's LFE bus effortlessly incorporates object audio into the LFE bus within the 7.1.2 bed, which is then directed to System T.

Advanced workflow

System T can handle all other tracks as additional objects or input channels, ready to be mixed into multi-format immersive buses with onboard XYZ and rotational Theta pan. System T's fully configurable DSP structures can create one or multiple 7.1.2 bed buses and manage multi-channel FX returns, either for internal mixing or external recording within the renderer. The 16-channel monitor section readily accommodates the renderer output in a 9.1.6 format, and it also features 2x24-way external source selectors in up to 9.1.6 format for added convenience.

Seamless integration 

The TriniTy solution seamlessly integrates into any existing or new installation, thanks to its Dante infrastructure. SSL's Network IO range covers Mic amps, Line level, AES, and MADI I/O, complementing the Tempest Processing Engines with native Dante, AES67, or ST2110 connectivity. It also handles third-party equipment control, including devices like Focusrite MP8R or Shure wireless microphones providing a truly comprehensive solution for all applications. For concert halls linked to an in-house recording studio, TriniTy seamlessly integrates into the studio setup. Not only can it receive signals from the stage and control stage mic amps through the Dante Network when needed, but it also offers compatibility with SSL Dante stageboxes if the FOH/MON consoles are from the SSL Live range. This enables effortless signal sharing and distribution, leading to significant savings on wiring and equipment. Importantly, the system is easily modifiable and expandable at any time, ensuring flexibility and managed costs.

Remote production, flypack configurations, and more... 

In addition to providing flexible and cost-effective local resource sharing, TriniTy extends its capabilities to enable remote production and recording. With the ability to control a System T fly pack or even virtual SSL console in the Cloud, TriniTy makes it feasible to record performances from anywhere in the world. As another illustration of SSL’s commitment to its customer basis, TriniTy is available as an upgrade path to any existing Duality studio, where there would be the need to deal with extensive immersive formats and/or remote recording.

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System T for Music

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Duality Fuse

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Network I/0

Interfaces featuring SuperAnalogue technology


Other Hybrid options

TriniTy's innovative hybrid solution can extend beyond its initial application and applied to other analogue consoles. Leveraging the versatility of System T as an immersive mix engine, coupled with a high-performance multi-channel monitor section and a DAW controller configured as a digital sidecar. It has the capability to enhance analog consoles like SSL AWS Delta, SSL Origin, or Harrison 32Classic, creating a more flexible immersive mix experience while maintaining that analogue front end.

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