Superior Sonic Performance

The SSL Live production platform has received widespread praise from many of the world’s leading live sound engineers. Designed to consistantly deliver an outstanding performance, SSL Live consoles, SuperAnalogueTM I/O and interfaces excel in the most demanding applications, providing engineers with the workflows, processing tools, and integration needed to push their productions to the next level, while elevating sound quality for the artist and audience.

The SSL Live production platform is extremely flexible, with an almost infinite number of system configurations available. To highlight some of the most common, SSL Live Bundles have been developed to provide complete systems for touring, installed sound, and church audio, in the most cost- effective way possible.

Whether you’re looking to leverage SSL Live’s exceptional Dante integration in a sophisticated installed sound setup or are considering a MADI-based bundle optimised for touring - contact an SSL Live expert to find out which bundle best suits your production requirements and budget.

SSL Live Bundles deliver:

  • Legendary SSL sound quality and processing tools.
  • SuperAnalogueTM Dante and MADI-based I/O options.
  • Advanced routing and connectivity (including remote).
  • Console + I/O Bundles suitable for all sizes of tour, event space and Church.

SSL Live Bundles

L650 MADI Tour Max Bundle

Bundle Includes:

SSL Live Console L650 with Blacklight II
MM Blacklight-MADI Concentrator
4 x Stagebox 32 Mic/Line In, 32 Line out, & 32 Split Out

L350 Plus Dante Install Bundle

Bundle Includes:

SSL Live Console L350 Plus with Blacklight II BL to Dante HC Bridge
2x Net I/O Stagebox SB32.24


Find out more about the rest of SSL Live Bundles in the document below or contact and SSL Live sound expert

SSL Live Bundles 2024


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