Important information for SSL subscribers transferring from Gobbler 

Solid State Logic SSL Complete + FREE All Access Pass subscription

As of November1st 2023, Gobbler Media Inc have confirmed on their website they are no longer trading and have closed their subscription platform immediately, terminating support for SSL Complete subscription.

All Gobbler subscriptions will terminate automatically at the end of their current billing cycle, at which point you will lose access to your SSL plug-ins. To ensure ongoing service and access to new plug-ins in your SSL Complete subscription, you will need to transfer and manage your SSL Complete subscription directly with Solid State Logic on our new subscription platform. When you do this you will receive a host of new benefits, including an amazing FREE limited time offer from our friends at Slate Digital. 

It’s a family thing! Two premium subscriptions for the price of one

SSL and Slate Digital are part of the same company group at Audiotonix, so when you transfer your subscription, you get FREE access to All Access Pass: one of the audio industry’s super subscriptions from our partners at Slate Digital worth $149 annually. *

As part of your new subscription, we legally have to include sales tax at your local rate from November 8th 2023, but as a ‘thank you’ for moving you will have full access to SSL Complete and the Slate Digital All Access Pass package for an amazing, combined subscription offering of over 100 professional plug-ins worth over $12,000, along with other incredible content. All for the cost of one subscription!! 

This FREE additional subscription is ongoing, so long as you keep subscription auto-renew enabled.

Slate Digital’s All Access Pass comes with:

  • Over 80 of the most prestigious, award winning processing and creative plug-ins, worth over $7,000, including the powerful ANA synth and MetaTune vocal tuning, including access to all future plug-ins in the All Access Pass subscription
  • Thousands of royalty free audio samples and exclusive boutique sample packs with presets
  • Access to hundreds of professional tutorials from leading producers and educators via Slate Academy
  • VIRTU™ assisted mastering service – create studio-grade masters ready for distribution

By moving to our subscription platform today, you will also get:

  • Ongoing access to exciting new plug-ins in your ever-growing SSL Complete - Now with over 30 plug-ins worth over $5,000, including new plug-ins from our partners Harrison Audio
  • Access to exclusive content and offers from Solid State Logic and their family of partners

Remaining value on your current Gobbler subscription – don’t worry, we got you 

To make your life even easier and so you don’t lose any value on your current SSL Gobbler subscription, when you set up your new account we will credit you with any remaining subscription value you may have left with Gobbler. As you go through the activation process we will show you the credit available if applicable, which can be automatically applied to your new subscription.

The following examples explain how this credit system will work for the different subscription payment schemes:

  • Annual Billed Monthly:  We will automatically discount the forthcoming billing cycle (if I had already done 6 days Subscription on current month, we will discount the next 6 days in the next monthly billing cycle)
  • Month 2 Month:  We will discount the forthcoming billing cycle (if I had already done 6 days for subscription on current month, we will discount the next 6 days in the next monthly billing cycle)
  • Annual Paid Upfront:  We will discount the forthcoming billing cycle (if I had already done 6 months subscription, we will discount the next 6 months)

A smooth move – we’ve already set up your new account

Moving your account couldn’t be simper. Using your existing Gobbler email address, we've prepared an account for you on our new subscription platform. All you have to do is reset your password by pressing the ‘Forgot Password’ button and input a new one. Once your password reset has been completed, all your user details and plug-ins will be available in your new account. 

Here's a video that walks you through

Note for Slate Digital direct account subscribers: Owners of an All Access Pass subscription directly with Slate Digital (not via Gobbler), will also need to do one of the following when transferring their SSL Gobbler subscription:

. If you have a Month to month (M2M) account, please cancel your Slate Digital All Access Pass account directly. Your AAP account will be reset with your new SSL subscription.

. For Annual billed monthly (ABM) or Annual paid upfront (APU) subscriptions, please contact Slate Digital support directly and they will help you update your current All Access Pass account to take advantage of this offer.

If you have any further questions or concerns then please visit and click the "Get In Touch" button.

*Price of the subscription is based on the ‘Annual paid upfront’ excluding local taxes


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