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Legnendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about the early years, the evolution of Mix LA, and the early breaks.

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge takes us through the big hits in his outstanding career so far.... Includes Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Prince, Green Day, P.O....

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about what he thinks makes a mixer, a Mixer's outlook, and why he still swears by his SSL 4k.

Studio News

SSL Control Room at The Sanctuary, Albany.
16 May
SSL Duality Chosen for The Sanctuary

"The experience of hearing the first playing of the Steinway in the main live room will live with me for a long time.”

The Sanctuary Live Room.Photograph by Cheryl Fleming/James Lane

New Providence, Bahamas – A 48 Channel SSL Duality δelta hybrid analogue console has been chosen as the heart of a new luxury studio in the...

Songwriter, engineer, mixer, and producer Juan Cristobal Losada with his new SSL AWS 948.
6 Apr
JC Losada Brings Latin Beats to New York with SSL

My creative process involves many different stages, intertwined. That's why the flexibility I have now is amazing.

New York, USAJuan Cristobal Losada is an accomplished songwriter, engineer, mixer, and producer, with two Grammy wins, multiple nominations, and a string of top-selling collaborations and credits...