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Legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about the early years, the evolution of Mix LA, and the early breaks.

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge takes us through the big hits in his outstanding career so far.... Includes Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Prince, Green Day, P.O....

Legendary Mixer Chris Lord-Alge talks about what he thinks makes a mixer, a Mixer's outlook, and why he still swears by his SSL 4k.

Studio News

The Sensible Music control room, with the new SSL AWS 948 console.

10 Sep

Sensible Music Meets the Future With SSL AWS 948

"I think it's the perfect console for the modern age... It offers us maximum flexibility, accessibility, and ease of use..."

A Sensible Music live space

LONDON, UK - Sensible Music has refurbished and upgraded its recording studio, installing a new Solid State Logic AWS 948 δelta...

The main recording studio control room at Morley College London, with the new SSL AWS 924.

29 Aug

SSL Offers New Opportunities at Morley College

"Now we can teach students proper signal flow, we can EQ what we're tracking, and so on - all the important skills."

The main recording studio live room at Morley College London.

OXFORD, ENGLAND - Morley College London has installed a new Solid State Logic AWS 924 δelta...